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An effective alternative to matrimonial litigation

Divorce is rarely easy, but it does not have to be hostile. Many couples benefit from the collaborative method of finalizing divorce — a method sometimes referred to as no-court divorce. The Ware Law Group is available to assist you through this effective alternative to litigation. With more than 25 years of experience and Florida board certification in matrimonial and family law, Tampa attorney Ellen Ware can advise you about your options.

How the collaborative process works

The collaborative means of resolving your disputes creates a respectful, dignified forum for reaching an equitable settlement. The basic elements of the collaborative process are:

  • Each party is represented by an attorney.
  • You both voluntarily sign a contract agreeing to disclose relevant information and make a good-faith effort to reach an equitable settlement.
  • You can mutually agree to retain experts to consult about disputed issues — for example, divorce coaches, child counselors, accountants, real estate brokers or financial advisors.
  • Upon conclusion of your collaborative sessions, your lawyers prepare your divorce decree that contains all the terms you agreed on during your negotiations.

Benefits of the collaborative dispute resolution method

Ellen is a trained member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and can help you determine whether the approach is right for you. Potential benefits of collaborative divorce that Ellen can discuss with you include:

  • Minimizing costs associated with obtaining a divorce
  • Decreasing the time required to finalize divorce proceedings
  • Reducing stress associated with divorce and litigation
  • Building consensus and harmony between divorcing parents
  • Receiving the helpful input of experts and professionals on essential issues
  • Empowering both parties to make crucial decisions

Learn more about the collaborative process from an experienced divorce attorney in Southwest Florida

To learn more about whether the collaborative process is right for you, call The Ware Law Group at 813-254-8500 or contact the law firm online to schedule an appointment.