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Appealing and modifying divorce orders in Tampa Bay

An appeal gives you the chance to have an unfair decision reviewed. An appeal is not a new trial or an opportunity to overturn a fair ruling that you do not like. You must have legal grounds to appeal a court’s decision. Attorney Ellen Ware of the The Ware Law Group has more than 25 years of experience and is Florida Bar certified in matrimonial and family law. She handles all stages of litigation and appeals in family disputes and can help you determine if you have grounds for an appeal in your case.

Appellate procedures and grounds

The law establishes strict deadlines for filing appeals. If you miss the filing date, you forfeit your right to appeal. Typical grounds for appeal include an error made by the judge or fraud or misconduct on the part of opposing counsel or your spouse.

Ellen is skilled at identifying and preserving appealable issues and in analyzing their potential for success. She provides you with a realistic assessment of your case, including the estimated costs and likely time required for the appellate court to make a decision. Ellen drafts a solid motion supported by relevant statutes, case law and evidence. When the appellate court agrees to hear your case, Ellen presents persuasive oral arguments.

Modification of divorce orders

Your or your former partner’s changed circumstances may warrant modification of your divorce order. Different from an appeal, a post-judgment modification allows a trial judge to consider new facts that affect your ability to comply with the original order. In addition, there is no time restriction imposed on you for filing a motion to modify. However, you must continue to abide by the terms of your original agreement until a judge decides that you can modify your obligations.

Find out if you have grounds for an appeal from a knowledgeable Florida divorce lawyer

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