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A family law specialist advocating for your rights at trial

The Ware Law Group exclusively handles family law issues to provide clients with the level of comprehensive, knowledgeable services they expect from their lawyer. Attorney Ellen Ware is a Florida Bar certified attorney in marital and family law and applies more than 25 years of experience in matrimonial litigation to issues involving:

  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Child support
  • Parenting plans
  • Spousal support
  • Allocation of marital assets
  • Business interests
  • Rights to securities and investments
  • Retirement funds
  • Division of the marital home

Divorce litigation procedures

Couples often reach divorce settlements prior to trial. Ellen assists you through negotiations, mediation and collaborative processes if an alternative dispute resolution method is most beneficial to you. If negotiations are impractical in your case, Ellen promptly seeks successful resolution through divorce litigation. With the goal of putting you in the best possible position after divorce, Ellen aggressively advocates for your rights at trial.

Protecting your finances during divorce

The Ware Law Group advises you about potential outcomes of divorce litigation and develops clear strategies for achieving your financial objectives. Ellen emphasizes efficiency and cost-effective plans that support your ultimate goals regarding taxes, business interests, real estate, stocks, intangible property and personal assets accumulated during your marriage.

Rights of divorcing parents

Custody, visitation and the fair sharing of child-rearing financial responsibilities are often the most contentious aspects of divorce. The Florida courts provide comprehensive child visitation guidelines as a foundation for determining parenting plans and child support guidelines to calculate the allocation of financial support. The Ware Law Group protects your rights to raise your children and makes compelling arguments for either holding fast to the Florida provisions or diverting from them, whichever may be in your family’s best interests.

Retain an assertive Florida divorce attorney to protect your rights

Call The Ware Law Group at 813-254-8500 or contact the law firm online to learn more about protecting your rights at trial.