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Whether you have made the difficult decision to divorce, or have had a devastating shock from your spouse, divorce is frightening to just about everybody.
Often, even just contemplating divorce can feel overwhelming.

We Understand

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It’s all about your perspective

Several attorneys in our community offer capable, experienced representation.  What sets us apart is our ability to genuinely put ourselves in the shoes of our clients.  From the moment you walk in our door, we are working to see things as you see them.  Our strategy is driven by your vision of life after divorce not the need to take a cookie-cutter approach.  We respect your ability to be an informed participant in decision-making – so we fully and patiently explain every aspect of your divorce.

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We Never Stop Thinking…

The foundation of our effective advocacy is an ability to view each case from a fresh perspective.   We help you design a divorce that works best for your family – and we are not afraid to be creative to do it.

We never stop thinking about you and your case:  About your vision of life after divorce … About what pieces we might put together to create that picture… About how to work with the pieces we have—and find the pieces we don’t… About how to make this complex process as uncomplicated as possible… About how we can quell your fears… About how to help you see your life through a different lens.

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We can help you plan for your future

Divorce and separation are among life’s most stressful events.  Facing either can be frightening.  They create so many unknowns.  Often, even just contemplating divorce can feel overwhelming.  Some people feel devastated by their circumstances ̶or even under attack.

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