Our Team

Our support professionals are selected not just for their skills, but for their kindness, team spirit, and creative problem-solving ability and attitude – and for their individual contributions to the warm and supportive culture of the Ware Law Group practice.


Legal Assistant | Billing Specialist

…is always three steps ahead of the rest of us.  She is a paralegal and our billing specialist, and she also manages to keep everyone on task and on schedule – all while still maintaining her own charming brand of equanimity.

Sarah and her husband have two little girls; Sarah accomplishes all of her work in just three days each week – in order to spend more time at home with her girls while they are small.


Legal Assistant | Client Specialist

…is the heart of Ware Law Group.  In addition to her formidable paralegal skills, honed through decades of work in family law, she brings unmatched empathy and understanding to her role as a client specialist.

Outside of work, Netti devotes time to, and gets great joy from, her close-knit extended family and her new-ish husband – Netti was married just a few years ago!


Executive Assistant

…is the newest member of the Ware Law Group team.  She has favored us with a lovely dry wit and sense of humor that we now cannot do without.  Dena brings intelligence and creativity to her role as an executive assistant and has become almost irreplaceable since she joined us in 2017.

Dena is the mother of two children and was divorced not too long ago.  Her divorce, including the successful use of the collaborative process for part of it and the litigation process for the rest, has given her valuable first-hand insights.